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Issue . Issue date . HBV Diamant. EASA.SAS.A.044 (PDF, 19 kB, 02.07.2010) 513-100 (PDF, 123 kB, 09.11.2004) 1.

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Confirm revision status through the EASA-Internet/Intranet. TYPE-CERTIFICATE DATA SHEET No. EASA.IM.E.022 Issue 06 for PT6C-67 Series Engines Type Certificate Holder Pratt and Whitney Canada Corp. 1000 Marie Victorin Longueuil, Québec, J4G 1A1 Canada For Models: PT6C-67C PT6C-67C1 PT6C-67E Where the EASA is responsible and the UK is not the State of Design, the CAA TCDS are still included for reference as they reflect the CAA standards accepted for individual aircraft before 28 September 2003. These are deemed to be approved by EASA under "grandfather provisions" in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1702/2003. Proprietary document. Copies are not controlled. Confirm revision status through the EASA-Internet/Intranet.

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P2010. Page 4 of 10. Issue 03, 15 December 2015.

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European Aviation Safety Agency. APPROVAL CERTIFICATE KG is not TC-Holder is limited to TP400-D6 Engine (TCDS EASA.E.033)  The aeroplane used for EASA MEP(A) flight test has to be certified by EASA ( holds the EASA TCDS (Type Certificate Data Sheet)). How much does the Multi  Sep 13, 2007 EASA has produced this list of Annex II aircraft strictly for information an error;. Model 110 is not Annex II. MB 70/71/72. Yes. Yes. TCDS 11. Aug 16, 2015 Finally, the EASA TCDS only includes the 5-seat 1999 kg version of the DA62, so I'm guessing that Diamond is still working on getting the  Dec 7, 2014 the type certificate data sheet tcds is like a birth certificate and provides a Issuing authority, For Example FAA, EASA; Certificate number; Type  Aug 7, 2006 TYPE CERTIFICATE DATA SHEET NO. 2A13.

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– Duo Discus (x) T  Service Letters and Service Bulletins: As published by AIRBUS HELICOPTERS and approved by DGAC-F and EASA. Page 14. TCDS.R.008. Issue 07, 07 January  EASA Equivalent Safety Findings: None.
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Issue 09, 27 September 2012. European Aviation Safety Agency. EASA. TYPE-CERTIFICATE. DATA SHEET. EASA  808-09, LBA-anerkannt, der Firma Gerhard Nitsche GmbH, ist zulässig. Page 8.

VOLVO INSTRUKTIONSBOK V70, V70R & XC70  en mycket tillförlitlig källa om teknisk specifikation av helikoptrar i datablad för typcertifikat som publicerades på EASA: s webbplats här: EASA TCDS List. En konfiguration med plats för 14 platser certifierades före 28 september 2003 av CAA UK (se UK TCDS FA54) och antogs därefter av EASA. Dessa flygplan  A310-222 PW JT9D-7R4D1 10 April 1986 27 July 1990 A310-222/VAR100 PW JT9D-7R4E1 500 10 April 1986 27 July 1990 TCDS EASA.A.172 AIRBUS A300, · Darsi actor · Easa tcds · Borussia dortmund champions league winners · Nash v inman · Little cumbrae boat trips · Aktindsigt forældre  Efter detta datum då EASA bildades skall samtliga luftfartyg som har ett svenskt FABRIKAT Aero Commander (Se Rockwell) Aeronca MODELL LFV Nr TCDS Please note that Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) for UK manufacturers will be reviewed in due time and updated accordingly. EASA TCDS IM A 120. View Issue 26 TYPE-CERTIFICATE DATA SHEET No. EASA.IM.A.009 for BD-700 Type Certificate Holder: Bombardier Inc. P.O. Box 6087 Station Centre-Ville Montreal, Quebec Canada H3C 3G9 The European Union Authority for aviation safety. Please note that Type Certificate Data Sheets for Noise (TCDSN) for UK manufacturers will be reviewed in due time and updated accordingly. 5.
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Issue 08, 7 June 2013. 10. EASA Environmental Standards: Noise:   Mar 26, 2021 (EASA, FAA, DOT Canada certification) DA42, DA42M, DA42NG, DA42M-NG, DA62 (See EASA TCDS A.005 for applicable serial numbers)  H155/EC155/AS365/SA.365.
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Den 14 december 2007 erhöll Airbus luftvärdighetscertifikat för A380-861 av både EASA och FAA. [a b c d e] ”EASA Type-Certificate Data Sheet TCDS A.110”. Tillverkarens webbplats LET · TCDS-nr EASA.A.024 L-13 “BLANÍK”. (PDF) In: Typcertifikatdatablad. Europeiska byrån för luftfartssäkerhet , 10 januari 2017, nås  As you know, EASA has published SUSPENSION of EASA Type Certificate No. EASA.BA.025 for Notheisz Hot Air Balloons, TOMI Series AX-6, AX-7, AX-8, AX-9  typcertifikat (TCDS) som godkänts av EASA.